The owner and founder of NVO “ETNOPROJECTS” is Ineta Meduneckytė – Lithuanian folk singer, artist, teacher, working with Lithuanian ethnoculture projects, events, festivals.


Ineta’s acquaintance with folklore began at school. While studying, she was invited to join the ritual folk group “Kūlgrinda”. The same year, a few members have started the joint project “Žalvarinis” by Kūlgrinda and Ugnėlakis, which became a successful start of the band.

Ineta was a member and manager of the band “Žalvarinis” for more than 17years. During these years they have recorded 6 albums, they have collaborated with many famous Lithuanian musicians, performers, events and festival organizers. “Žalvarinis” represented Lithuanian culture and ethno music not only in Lithuania, but also abroad. The band has performed at the famous foreign festivals such as The Henley Festival in England, Kraina Mryi in Ukraine, Regio Estonia, Baltic Sun and Tele2 Baltic Beach Party in Latvia, Dozens of Europe In Austria etc. In 2014 with the support of thousands of Lithuanian choir voices „Žalvarinis“ performed their most famous songs for the whole Lithuania, also went to tour in China.

Ineta participated in various television and musical projects, experimental post-folk bands, folk ritual band “Kūlgrinda”, “Donis with Kūlgrinda” album recordings. She has participated in the soundtrack of the animated movie “The Ring of Fern”, she was invited to participate in the project “Stravinsky’s Dream” organized by Martynas Levickis. She has also performed with Veronika Povilioniene, the most famous Lithuanian folk singer.

At the moment, Ineta is teaching and actively performing with well known Lithuanian musicians Nerijus Bakula and Jan Maksimovič in a world/jazz project FOLK TRIO also she is taking care of the spread of Lithuanian ethno music in Lithuania and abroad.


2002 Kūlgrinda “Ugnies apeigos“

2002 Ugnėlakis su Kūlgrinda “Žalvarinis“

2003 Spanxti “Karingo augo“

2003 Kūlgrinda “Perkūno giesmės“

2003 Donis su Kūlgrinda “Sotvaras“

2005 Žalvarinis “Žalio vario“

2008 Žalvarinis “Folk N‘Rock“

2014 Žalvarinis “Gyvas“

2016 Žalvarinis “Teka“

2018 Žalvarinis „Einam tolyn“

2019 Žalvarinis „Geriausios dainos“