The annual festival “FOLK RATU” takes place not only in Vilnius, but also in other cities. The most famous performers representing Lithuanian ethno projects and their creative news. Last year Tamsta Music Club in Vilnius was full of rhythms and songs of ethnic music. Well-known Lithuanian ethnic music bands have joined forces to open here the spring season. According to the organizer of the festival Ineta Meduneckytė, it was really rewarding to organize such a concert. All the bands that performed that evening and the audience know each other well, are extremely sincere, love folklore and are not afraid to experiment. “Our goal was to make a celebration for ourselves and our listeners. I am very happy that everything went well and both the performers and listeners received good energy charge for the beginning of spring. I am happy with the event and I believe that this musical educational event will be held every year” the organizer Ineta Meduneckyte promised.

We are waiting for you at the annual “FOLK RATU” festivals.